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Tip Jar Details

"Tip jar" donations help support our small press. We consider work year-round in this category. The Conium Review is reader-supported and staffed by volunteers, and these donations help fund our efforts. Our publications couldn't exist with your help.

General Information

The Conium Review Online Compendium acquires first electronic rights and nonexclusive permission to retain the piece in our online archives. Reprint rights and all other applicable rights revert to the author upon publication. There is no payment for publication in The Conium Review Online Compendium, but we do our best to stay in touch and promote your other writing projects.


Submission Deadlines

We currently have variable deadlines for the The Conium Review Online Compendium. The most accurate dates are available directly through Submittable.


Submission Guidelines

The Conium Review Online Compendium seeks pieces roughly 1,000 words or less. Our print publication publishes longer pieces, but the online version is devoted to bite-sized writing. We will occasionally make word-count exceptions, but you have better odds if you stay under 1,000 words.

We're looking for innovative writing. Have fun with it. Flash fiction narratives are great, but also don't shy away from things like lists, open letters, marginalia, etcetera. Please bear in-mind, we want text-based pieces; we do not want images (please, no funky paintings with random words superimposed over them; we've seen enough of those already). Don't send us anything that is wholly dependent on exact font sizes or other formatting tricks; we're not technology wizards, and we'll probably mess it up anyway. Remember, experimental and innovative writing is much more than just messing around with graphics and typography.

You may send up to three pieces at once. Upload your fiction submission as a single file, and make sure it's clear when one story ends and the other begins.

In the "Biography Statement" field, please include a brief third-person bio. If your work is accepted for publication, your bio appears alongside your story in The Conium Review Online Compendium.

Submissions must be unpublished, original work. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but you must withdraw your story immediately if it is accepted elsewhere.

Thank you for submitting!